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Dangerous Power G5 Review

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If you are thinking about buying the Dangerous Power G5 paintball marker and have taken to the internet to see what others are saying about this marker, you will see that there are a lot of mixed reviews. Coming in in the $300 - $400 range, it really is a marker that is meant for intermediate players, so comparing it to high end markers is going to leave a bad tase in your mouth.

With that said, for the price range it does perform excellently, and the general consensus is that if you ensure that your G5 is regularly maintained it will shoot strong for many years to come.

DP G5 at a Glance

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  • Light on paint
  • Excellent ASA with reinforced lever
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight

The Design

The release of the G5 saw many of the existing pain points about Dangerous Power’s G series solved. The DP team took a hard look at how the previous G series models performed in the field and made significant improvements that dramatically improved the durability and performance. As such, for the price range the G5 is a solid marker in many respects.

The body has been reinvented in many ways. The G5 features new grips, new trigger, new bolt system, new regulator and a reinforced trigger frame. As such, the DP G5 feels great in the hands, even if you are wearing chunky gloves.

The new ASA on/off regulator makes it very easy to swap out tanks without having to worry about wasting air when you are fitting a new tank onto the body. While the O-ring on the ASA does need replacing fairly frequently, this marker does come with extra O-rings included for just such occasions.

Other than that, the build is simple and efficient. The only time you would experience leaks is when the O-rings are worn but they can be cleaned or replaced with minimal fuss. The new trigger is highly adjustable, and the scythe shape makes it very walkable.


While the DP G5 paintball gun typically fires like a beauty and cycles consistently, it is worth noting that there are a few paint points about the performance of this marker. One of the most common ones is with regards to the bolt stick. Dangerous Power introduced a new bolt system with the release of the G5 in order to combat the bolt stick that was a more common problem in previous G-series models.

While the new and improved bolt system does work reliably and consistently, its performance is hampered by the stock lubricant that this marker comes with. Unfortunately, it seems that DP has not improved their lube formula, so if you use the stock lube then there is a chance that you will still get bolt stick. This is easily remedied by buying your own quality lube.

The kick is a matter of mixed opinion amongst those who have used the G5 for any amount of time. It is unique, to say the least. While there is very little recoil and the G5 fires smoothly, a number of players have mentioned that it takes a bit of getting used to. So long as you don’t wait until the day of a tournament to try out your DP G5 for the first time you should be able to get accustomed to the way this paintball gun kicks.

The 13” single-piece stock barrel achieves the basics for this paintball marker, but you can get much better performance out of it if you decide to swap it out for a longer 15” or even 18” barrel. Of course, that comes down to personal preference as well.

The G5 is quite air efficient for its price range. This is thanks to the renovated OPR which generates a low-pressure operating system (170 PSI/280FPS).


One of the great things about the Dangerous Power G5 paintball gun is that it is both extremely lightweight and durable. Usually, if you want a durable paintball gun you have no choice but to opt for a heavier marker, and if you want a lighter one then it is often made out of a cheap aluminium alloy which can break easily. This is especially a problem at the sub $400 price range.

The G5 is still made from an aluminium alloy, but not all alloys are made equal. There are cheap alloys which have low rigidity and high flexibility, but this is not the sort of metal that you want a paintball marker out of. Instead, the G5 uses an alloy that has higher flexural strength. This serves to prevent the marker from getting bends or dents after rough use or accidents. 

However, the G5 offers the best of both worlds in this instance. The reinforced trigger frame and heavy-duty bracing structure has resulted in a solid marker that can take the knocks, bumps and drops and still fire like a beauty. At the same time, it is extremely light, coming in at only 1.89 lbs including the barrel and the battery.

Final Thoughts on the Dangerous Power G5

This marker may not be the most efficient or highest performing paintball marker out there, but if it was you wouldn’t be looking at paying only $300 - $400 for it. As far as intermediate paintball markers are concerned, the G5 is an excellent and high performing marker. It is light, durable and reliable, but you do have to ensure that the marker is well maintained and steer clear of the stock lube that comes with the marker.

The trigger system is truly outstanding, and the ergonomic feel of the marker makes the G5 a pleasure to shoot. However, depending on your personal preferences it might take some time before you get used to the unique kick this marker has.