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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review

Key Features of the PE Etha 2

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  • Infamous Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Glass Enforced Nylon-composite Body
  • Very Light (2.19 lbs)
  • Extremely Durable
  • Will Not Break Paint

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Specifications

The original PE Etha was a marker to behold. Then Eclipse went ahead and did something amazing. They took a long hard look at how the original Etha fared in the field, analyzing its strong points and weaknesses and then engineered a much more refined end product: the PE Etha 2 paintball marker.


Now, a number of players have complained that the actual look of the marker is not that great. While this does not impact its performance in the slightest, and the design is very ergonomic, it might be a consideration if you are planning a photoshoot featuring your marker.

However, Planet Eclipse has announced that they intend to release the designs of the body to the public, which means that custom 3D prints will be available for the body. However, while I found that the internet is abundant with custom Etha 2 designs for 3D printing, I could not confirm whether any of them were based off of an official Planet Eclipse design. Considering the vast number of sites where you can buy designs for the Etha 2 though, I feel its safe to say most are.

Beyond the aesthetics of the design, the Etha 2 has a number of features that I feel put it in a league above almost all other markers under $1000. For starters, the lock ‘n load 9 V battery system located in the foregrip makes it incredibly quick and easy to replace the batteries for this marker, even in the field.

The whole marker has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, and you won’t need more than a basic Allen wrench to completely disassemble this innovative marker.

While you are tinkering around inside your Etha 2, take a moment to appreciate the innovative hose-less air transfer system.


Coming in at a mere 2.19 lbs, many players might be concerned about the fragility of the marker. Many markers that try to optimise the weight do so by using an Aluminium composite body. While this does shave off a lot of weight, the end result is often a marker that needs to be handled with considerable care. This could not be further from the case for the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 paintball gun.

The Etha 2 is mainly constructed out of a glass reinforced nylon composite but features an aircraft-grade aluminium inner-body core. In layman’s terms: this thing is a beast. The nylon composite is extremely high quality. If you want an idea, this isn’t some cheap composite that you might find on a Brass Eagle Stingray. Oh no, this is much closer to what a Glock feels like.

As a result, this baby can take the worst a player could throw at it and still fire like a beauty. Some parts of the trigger guard are rubberised, which provides a nice grippy feel. However, the foregrip is not rubberised. Players haven’t noted this as an issue, but personally I prefer rubberized grips on my marker. In the hand, the foregrip is not dissimilar to the sort you would find on an AR rifle.


Wow, just wow. I had to really try hard not to get carried away when writing this piece so that I could remain unbiased, but it is really hard to do so when scrutinising such an excellent paintball marker. The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 features the infamous Gamma Core spool valve.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the Etha 2 is a marker that can perform consistently well in both the freezing cold and hot humid environments. The regulator on the Etha 2 is able to handle a wide range of pressure outputs, which is great as it means that your marker will perform well regardless of whether your tanks has a high- or low-pressure output.

In addition to this, the ASA features a on/off toggle for safe and easy removal of the tank. The firmware installed on this bad boy allows you to make use of a number of firing modes including semi and ramping (capped and uncapped) and includes presets for both NXL and Millennium.

You can expect to get over 1 000 shots out of a 4 000 PSI tank before you notice a drop-off and every one of those shots will fly as true as an arrow. The high level of accuracy that the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 paintball gun boasts is due, in part, to the 2-part micro honed barrel, which measures a tidy 14.5” long. Honestly, this thing shoots just like a Gtek.

The electronics are simple and easy to program using the trigger. While it might not have all the bells and whistles that higher-end Planet Eclipse markers boast, for the price range of this marker you really cannot complain. If you are looking for a paintball gun that sports a ball counter, training mode and so on then you’re going to want to aim for a higher price range in the first place.

Of course, it would be ingenuine of me to only talk about the pros of the Etha 2. In fact, it took quite a bit of work to find any real complaints about this paintball marker other than the aesthetic look of it. The overwhelming verdict from players who have bought the Etha 2 is that it is a great paintball gun. But there are always some drawbacks.

As it stands, it seems that there are two pain points about Planet Eclipse’s Etha 2 marker. First of all, it is a bit louder than you would expect. The sound of the shot is sharp and crisp, but fortunately there is next to no recoil.

It has also been noted that the Etha 2 paintball marker can take a little long to turn on. While this might pose a problem if you haven’t powered on your marker before you begin a game, taking a moment to turn it on before a match starts is a simple and straightforward solution to this issue.

Final Thoughts on the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Marker

I like this marker, I really do. For the price retailers ask for this sort of marker, you get an immense amount of value for money. In my honest opinion, there are only two instances when you shouldn’t buy this marker. Those are if you are looking for an even more budget friendly marker or have the budget to purchase something more expensive like the Gtek.

Otherwise, this is a truly excellent paintball marker that will serve you well against all skill-levels of players.