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Tippmann Custom 98 Review

Tippmann Custom 98 at a Glance

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  • Extremely Durable
  • High Customizability
  • Most Rented Marker in the World
  • Affordable Yet Reliable

This article is the first in a series of reviews that will closely scrutinise some of the most popular and reliable paintball markers on the market. To start off such a series, I could have no better choice than to start with the Tippmann Custom 98 marker. Many Elite players started their journey with the 98 Custom. As a result, it has earned a name for itself as one of the best choices for anyone who is thinking about purchasing their first paintball marker.

Tippmann is a brand that is famous for producing high quality markers that are celebrated for their rugged durability. I can attest to this; the 98 Custom was the first marker played with when I got into paintball. If you have ever used a rental marker from a paintball park, you most likely have used the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Easy to maintain and clean, many players who purchase the Tippman 98 Custom keep this marker for years. Thanks to the addition of plastic caps on the ends of the sear on modern productions of the 98 Custom, it is able to last even longer than was previously possible, making this a true workhorse of a marker.

The inline bolt system, while often blamed for the higher recoil that you might experience when firing this marker has been proven to prevent a significant amount of wastage during the firing process. This means that you will use less CO2 per shot.

Tippmann produces mainly markers for the woodsball and military simulation market these days, with models similar to real-life firearms.  While many of the other Tippmann models are capable of being fed with either a hopper or magazines, the 98 Custom can only be hopper fed. Don’t let this get you down though, the Tippmann 98 Custom is a highly customisable paintball marker.

Extremely Customizable

As a broke teen when I first got into paintball, I sure am lucky that I decided to go with the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun. Not only did it serve me well even though I dropped it many times and even through it in frustration once, but it still fired almost as good as new even though I almost never cleaned it! Thankfully, I treat my markers better these days 😅

As I started to become more serious about paintball, I needed to upgrade my equipment, but I was not sure that I needed to purchase a whole new marker just yet. That is when I thanked my lucky stars that I chose the Tippmann 98 Custom as my first marker. You see, as it turned out there are loads of upgrades and accessories for the 98 Custom.

How Does it Fare in the Field?

I decided to put the Tippmann 98 Custom to the test the only really way you can- by unleashing a barrage of paint on my friends. So, what are my thoughts, using the 98 Custom again after such a long time?

It’s good. That’s all I can give it. It is a reliable marker and shockingly durable, but this is 2020 and there are some other very good entry level markers available on the market. The 98 Custom may be a bit heavier than some of the newer beginner’s markers, but when you consider all the jumping, rolling and crawling that you are going to be doing while holding this marker, you will be grateful that it is so sturdy.

Some woodsball players do not like the fact that it only comes with an eight-inch stock barrel. However, this does make it easier to manoeuvre through the woods without getting your marker caught on anything. However, since you can easily swap the stock barrel out for one of your preferred size, this isn’t really an issue.  

If you choose to take the 98 Custom into battle with you, there really is no alternative to Ninja when it comes to compressed gas. The Ninja 48 cubic inch/ 3000PSI tank is ideal.

So Should You Buy this Paintball Gun?

The Tippmann 98 Custom is a durable and trustworthy marker that has served the paintball community for over two decades. While there is no denying that there are a number of other entry level markers that are strong competitors of the 98 Custom, it is a marker that will continue to introduce the new generation of paintball players to this exciting game!

When you consider how affordable and reliable this marker is, it really is an excellent marker for beginner to intermediate players. But don’t just take my experience with the marker for it.

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Things to Remember Before You Play Paintball

Paintball is a fun and healthy activity that you can play with your friends, however, it is important that you take the safety aspect of it seriously so that no one gets hurt. Getting hit with a paintball even at some distance will leave a bruise even if you are wearing thick clothes.

It is important that you wear the necessary protective equipment. While there are quite a few pieces of protective equipment that you can use to keep yourself from getting hurt, the number one most important item is your mask. In fact, you should ensure that you have a good quality mask that fits you well before you even purchase your first paintball marker.

You  can still have an enjoyable experience using the rental paintball guns from the park that you are visiting, however a bad mask can easily ruin the day’s fun and its unhygienic to use the standard masks that are offered at most paintball parks.